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Examine Your Hedman

Sep 16, 2021

Your hosts, Tara Hedman and Diane Thompson are welcoming Laurel Justice to today’s episode. Laurel is an artist, a psychotherapist, and a retreat curator, today, she shares her story and healing journey. Laurel dives deep into her upbringing and how those years impacted her emotionally. Laurel also talks about her role as a wife and mother of three, and how she combined her healing journey with her passion for the arts and her love for helping others achieve their higher selves.


Life really can suck less, so examine your head, man!


Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Laurel talks about her upbringing.

[7:00] Laurel started to care about “fitting in” at a very young age.

[10:08] Laurel talks about the time in her life where she was anxious and depressed.

[11:27] What brought along Laurel’s rage?

[13:04] Laurel shares her journaling experience.

[15:55] Does Laurel see pieces of her “old self” in her children?

[18:36] What were the things that used to make Laurel angry?

[23:11] Laurel talks about her marriage.

[25:36] What were the biggest shifts Laurel made?

[28:30] Laurel talks about how dance is therapeutic.

[31:35] Tara talks about a workshop many years ago where Laurel made a huge impression on her.

[36:30] Was dance always a passion for Laurel?

[40:53] What took Laurel to counselling? 

[41:45] Laurel talks about her parents.

[43:22] Laurel felt shame for being who she was.

[45:20] Laurel talks of her trauma related to the fear of being rejected for being who she was.

[47:43] Laurel’s parents’ perspective in regards to parenting was to mold a child to be acceptable for society.

[49:25] Laurel remembers not agreeing with the established set of rules when she was a child.

[50:07] Laurel shares about her spiritual awakening in junior high.

[51:57] Laurel shares a horrifyingly traumatic event that happened when she was 13 years old.

[54:57] Laurel talks about the fear of men she experienced during her adolescence.

[56:35] Laurel talks about her friend who, at 13 years old, was kidnapped, raped, and killed.


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