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Examine Your Hedman

Jul 21, 2022

Your hosts, Tara Hedman and Diane Thompson welcome you to another episode of Examine Your Hedman Podcast. They are joined today by Sherrerd Hartness.

Sherrerd shares that her sister was brutally murdered at a young age, and how the grief and isolation in the wake of this traumatic event shaped her. She shares the deep and lasting impact this had on her life, and the loneliness she has felt for decades. She walks us through her experience on the day her sister went missing. She shares how the kindnesses extended to her at the most difficult times possibly saved her life. She provides a beautiful picture of how after her family’s horrific loss she has learned to use her voice of experience for others.

Life really can suck less, so examine your head, man!


*This podcast is not a substitute for a therapeutic relationship with a mental health professional.*