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Examine Your Hedman

Sep 30, 2021

Your hosts, Tara Hedman and Diane Thompson welcome you to another episode of Examine Your Hedman Podcast. In today’s episode, they are joined by Kim Coe, a friend of Tara’s since Junior High.


Kim shares her journey as a mother of five beautiful children, two with disabilities, and the challenges and beauty of adoption.


Life really can suck less, so examine your head, man!


Key Takeaways:

[1:10] Tara and Diane give an update about their current lives.

[13:10] Tara introduces Kim.

[15:05] Kim talks about her process with one of her pregnancies and receiving news that her baby was at high risk of having Down Syndrome.

[22:30] Kim shares about the options her doctor gave her.

[25:35] Kim remembers sharing the news with her husband and how he responded with, “She is our daughter, we are going to love her.”

[26:55] Kim tells Tara she just found out her baby has Down Syndrome.

[28:20] Kim shares about her process and finding out the diagnosis was certain.

[31:06] Kim talks about the information and help that’s available now and the changes needed in the medical field.

[33:07] Kim talks about her process from finding out the diagnosis and the moment her daughter was born.

[34:55] Kim shares what her grief looked like.

[38:14] Kim discusses the difficulties and grace in sharing the news with friends and family.

[41:45] What was the hardest part for Kim in the first year after her daughter was born?

[43:37] Kim recognizes her daughter first, before her diagnosis.

[44:25] Kim shares her advice to parents who are expecting a child with Down Syndrome.

[47:43] Kim shares how she and her husband decided to adopt another child with Down Syndrome.

[52:10] Kim gets news they were chosen for adoption.

[53:42] Kim shares about stereotypes.


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