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Examine Your Hedman

Sep 23, 2021

Your hosts, Tara Hedman and Diane Thompson are welcoming Laurel Justice to today’s episode. Laurel is an artist, a psychotherapist, and a retreat curator, today, she shares her story and healing journey. Laurel dives deep into her upbringing and how those years impacted her emotionally. Laurel also talks about her role as a wife and mother of three, and how she combined her healing journey with her passion for the arts and her love for helping others achieve their higher selves.


In this second part of the conversation with Laurel, she expresses how, as a trauma survivor, she processed the anger and fear with her own therapist. At 13 years old, a friend was kidnapped and murdered. Laurel shares the repercussions of this in her life throughout the years.


Life really can suck less, so examine your head, man!


Key Takeaways:

[1:31] Laurel recalls how she found out about her friend who was murdered and how she learned about the details of the crime through friends, since her parents wanted to protect her from the horror of the event.

[6:20] Many years later Laurel works in therapy in her role as a trauma survivor.

[7:28] Many years later Laurel reads the court transcript about the case of her murdered friend, and lets herself feel for the first time what she should have felt when she was 13 years old.

[10:26] Laurel got in touch with her deceased friend’s sister and found out they have a lot in common.

[13:44] Laurel and Tara talk about the journey for people who have lost one of their siblings.

[18:41] What were the most helpful tools Laurel used?

[21: 58] Laurel shares an example of self-care.

[24:50] Laurel talks about the benefits of journaling and other practices that have been helpful for her healing process.

[28:11] What group therapy can do for you in terms of validation is unparalleled.

[29:50] Laurel talks about how retreats are a great part of her self-care.

[31:10] Laurel shares the benefits of following the 12 Step program.

[35:10] Laurel explains all the different ways to participate in a 12 Step program.

[40:03] How art looks today in Laurel’s life.

[42:15] Laurel talks about “Stranger Moments”, a social project she conducted.

[44:45] It is never too late for healing.


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