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Examine Your Hedman

Sep 2, 2021

Your hosts, Tara Hedman and Diane Thompson, welcome you to another episode of Examine Your Hedman Podcast. Today, they are joined by Brian Nelson who has known Tara from Junior High, even before she met Diane.


Brian shares in this episode about losing his 10-year-old brother, Beau, when he was 19 and how that impacted his entire family. Brian openly shares what was helpful for his healing process and what grief and loss looked like for him facing one of the most difficult times of his life.


Life really can suck less, so examine your head, man!


Key Takeaways:

[12:37] What was life like for Brian prior to the loss of his brother?

[15:56] How did they lose Beau?

[19:13] What was it like for Brian to say goodbye to his little brother?

[21:33] What is life like for Brian now?

[22:07] Anniversaries carry a visceral sensation that we don’t always understand cognitively.

[24:12] What was life like for Brian after Beau passed away?

[27:30] Brian talks about a football coach who was especially supportive and took him by surprise.

[29:14] Brian talks about his years in College.

[31:17] Beau’s room stayed the same way he left it for over a year, becoming a sanctuary of grief.

[32:14] What was it like for Brian to see his parents’ grief?

[33:23] Brian’s parents started attending a group called Compassionate Friends, where grieving parents met.

[35:05] Brian talks about the relationship with his parents over the years up until today.

[35:34] Brian’s mother went to the cemetery every day for a year.

[38:25] Brian shares how his parents told him they wanted to adopt two boys. And then two girls.


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